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You use this report to obtain information about materials that are in queue, in work, or completed at specific locations.



The search parameters for the report include the following:

  • Material and its version

  • Operation

  • SFC number

  • Work center category

  • Work center

  • Shop order

  • Reporting center

  • RMA number

  • Customer

  • Customer order


With this report, you can obtain the following:

  • The quantity of SFC numbers with different statuses at a specified location

  • The total quantity of SFC numbers for a material of a shop order

The results include the following data:

  • Material

  • Link to the SFC Report (see SFC Report)

  • Quantity in queue

  • Quantity in work

  • Quantity total

By default, the report is displayed in a graphical view.

For more information, see SAP ME Objects.