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When you call up backorder processing for a material, the system lists all goods receipts and issues relevant to the availability check. You can process missing parts from this list. If an availability check (ATP logic) determines that a requirement (sales order, reservation and so on) cannot be totally covered, that is, if the committed quantity is smaller than the required quantity, the material in question is considered to be a missing part.

Any of the following reasons may cause a material to become a "missing part":

  • A sales order cannot be delivered either partially or in its entire quantity on the date requested. It has, however, been confirmed.

  • A sales order is confirmed because its requested delivery date is not within the replenishment period. However, the quantities have not yet been procured.

  • A dependent reservation is not yet confirmed.

Backorder processing offers you the following processing options:

  • You can commit open requirements, for example, if the stock has increased since the last availability check, a new goods receipt has occurred and so on.

  • Quantities that have already been committed can be redistributed by subtracting an amount already committed to one requirement and assigning it to another, more urgent requirement.