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Every confirmed time event is assigned internally to a record type group:

  • Setup times are assigned to record type group 1 .

  • Processing times are assigned to record type group 2 .

  • Teardown times are assigned to record type group 3 .

Each record type group can be assigned to one or more parameters in the standard value key for the work center (for example machine time). (See Customizing in   Production   Basic data   Work center   General data   Standard value   Define standard value key   ). The link between time event and parameter ensures that the calculated duration counts as an activity (for example, when calculating the actual costs of the operation.

Example Example

The processing of an operation requires both machine time and labor time. The time event confirmation for the processing section of the operation can take effect on activity ‘machine time’ and on ‘processing time’, if you enter record type group ‘2’ for the parameters ‘machine’ and ‘labor’ in the standard value key.

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You can only confirm quantities when you confirm processing time events.

You can only confirm activities that cannot be assigned to a particular record type group ( Set-up , processing , teardown ) by using the time event ‘Variable activity’. The confirmed value is assigned to corresponding value in the standard value key parameters.

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