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To be able to enter the cost of sales manually, you must use the results analysis key to select the results analysis version, the sales order item, and a valuation method which has profit indicator K (Enter cost of sales manually) .


  1. Choose   Accounting   Controlling   Product Cost Controlling   Cost Object Controlling   Product Cost by Sales Order   Information System   Tools   For Results Analysis   Enter Cost of Sales Manually   .

    The screen Sales Order: Enter Cost of Sales (Version 0) appears.

  2. Enter the required data.

  3. Choose Enter .

    The screen Sales Order: Enter Cost of Sales appears.

    The following data is displayed:

    • Sales order item

    • Results analysis period

    • Currency

    • Cost of sales

      The system proposes all the line IDs that were defined for the sales order item in Customizing for Product Cost Controlling .

  4. Enter the following for each line:

    • Value

    • Fixed value (if required)

  5. Save the results analysis data.

    Note Note

    You can create a batch input session for these transactions to transfer data from a non-SAP system into this system.

    End of the note.

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