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 Creating a Production Resource/Tool as a Piece of Equipment Locate this document in the navigation structure

  1. In the SAP menu choose   Logistics   Production   Master data   Prod.resources/tools   and then   Prod.resources/tools   Equipment   Create   . .

  2. Enter the relevant data on the initial screen.

    Use an equipment category that allows you to enter PRT data. In the standard system this is the equipment category P .

  3. Choose Enter .

  4. If you have entered a source to copy from on the initial screen, select the data to be copied now, and choose Continue .

  5. Enter the General Data .

  6. Choose PRT data , and enter the relevant data.

    Caution Caution

    The production resource/tool receives the status Released automatically. If you want to lock it, for example because it is defective, choose   Equipment   Functions   ProdRes/Tools   Lock PRT.  

    End of the caution.
  7. Enter further data on the other screens of the master record as required.

  8. Save the piece of equipment.

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