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 Calling Up a Missing Parts List Locate this document in the navigation structure

  1. Choose   Logistics   Production   Shop floor control   Information system   Missing parts info system  

  2. The system branches to the initial screen for generating a missing parts list.

  3. Select a Profile .

  4.  ( )

    In Customizing for Shop Floor Control , you can create your own profiles (   Information system   Define Profile for Missing Parts Information System).   Please refer to Customizing for information on how to define such profiles.

  5. If required, maintain additional criteria for creating the missing parts list. You can enter the following criteria: Material, plant, MRP controller, requirements date (or interval), WBS element, sales order .

  6. You include or exclude data that meets these criteria in the list. You can also specify that a particular field is to be taken as the upper or lower (alphabetic/numeric) limit for the selection process.

    To do this, position the cursor on the relevant field and choose   Edit   Selection options   . Enter the required restrictions and choose    ( ) .

     ( )

    If you want to save your entries as a variant, select   Goto   Save as   v   ariant.

  7. Choose  ( ) .

The system lists all reservations with missing parts that meet the specified selection criteria.

Note Note

By choosing Environment , you can branch to the following objects: Current stock/requirements list, stock overview, material master, backorder processing, production order (display and maintenance).

End of the note.