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If, during an availability check ( Overall Check ), the system determines that a component is not available on a date on which it is required, the production order is automatically given the status "PRT shortage" (MSPR). This status remains active in the order header until a subsequent availability check (overall check) determines that all components have become available (for example, due to a goods receipt).

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An individual check has no effect on the status of components.

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It is possible to display missing parts in the SAP System

  • for several orders using the missing parts information system


Missing Parts in an Order/Collective Order

You obtain information on missing parts in the following places in the order/collective order:

  • In the missing parts overview you can

  • edit missing parts data (for example, by changing the requirements quantity or issue storage location)

  • check the availability of individual components

  • filter / sort components

The missing parts overview always displays the results of the last availability check carried out in the order, regardless of whether you have since exited the order.

  • In the missing parts list you can

  • display the missing parts of all orders which have been checked (for collective orders)

  • check the availability of individual components

  • filter / sort components

  • print the missing parts

  • vary the field selection

The missing parts list is not saved if you exit order processing.

Missing Parts Information System

You can use the missing parts information system to display the missing parts list for a selection of materials, or for all materials. You can also restrict your selection of missing parts according to a specific plant, MRP controller or requirements date.

A profile determines what data is displayed on the missing parts list and how it is displayed. The SAP System contains two standard profiles. They sort the missing parts list according to order number or material number. You can, however, define your own profiles in Customizing for Shop Floor Control .

If you often enter the same selection criteria when you create missing parts list, you can save the criteria in the form of a variant. You can then call up the variant any time you want via the menu.

You can branch directly from the missing parts list into backorder processing for the material. When you call up backorder processing, the system recalculates the ATP quantity (Available To Promise) of the material. It then displays the stock/requirements situation of the material(s), the quantities that have been committed to orders, reservations, and so on, as well as the cumulative ATP quantity. If individual requirements exist for sales orders, the system displays these separately.

Note Note

If you change the committed quantity in backorder processing, the change will not automatically register in the missing parts list. To update the missing parts list, choose   List   Refresh   when you return to the missing parts list.  

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In backorder processing, you can change the quantities committed to the orders/reservations.