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You use this procedure to assign a material that has already been assigned to one operation to another operation.


  1. Call up one of the following screens:

  2. – The material component overview for the routing

    To do so, choose   Goto   Comp. assig. -gen.   in the operation overview  

    – The material component overview for the operation

    In the operation overview select the operation and choose   Goto   Comp. assig. -op.  

  3. If you have several materials are to be produced by the routing or several alternative BOMs have been assigned to the routing, select the material or alternative BOM whose material components you want to maintain.

  4. Select the components to be reassigned and choose   Edit   Reassign.  

  5. The Reassign Components dialog box appears and you can see the number of the sequence and the operation to which the material component was assigned.

  6. Enter the number of the new sequence and the new operation.

  7. If you do not know the number, you can call up a list of all the sequences and operations with their descriptions by choosing Operation list.

    You can select a sequence and an operation from this list.

  8. Choose Continue .

  9. The system reassigns the components to the new operation.

  10. Select the component assignment and choose   Details   Mat.components   General data   .  

  11. A screen appears with settings for processing components.

  12. Check and if necessary correct the existing settings.

  13. Return to the overview of component assignments by choosing Back .