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You can use this function to define numbering patterns that uniquely identify the following:

  • SFC number (see SFC Number)

    • SFC Release - identifies the SFC number released to the shop floor

    • SFC Serialize - identifies the serialized SFC number during serialization, split, or relabel

    • RMA SFC Number - identifies an SFC number associated with an RMA number for a material returned to the shop floor

  • Shop order (see Shop Order)

  • Process lot

  • RMA number

  • Container (see Container)

  • Incident number

  • Slot configuration

  • Inventory ID (see Inventory ID)

  • Customer order (see Customer Order)

  • Component

  • Engineering change order (ECO)

  • Vertical reference number

  • Horizontal reference number

  • Test plan configuration

  • CNC program

  • Batch number

For more information, see Next Number Maintenance and Replaceable Parameters.


Each pattern consists of a prefix, a sequence, and a suffix.

The system minimally generates the number type based on the values you enter on the Next Number Maintenance screen.

Given the following values, the first number would be SFC000001ABC.

Prefix Value: SFC

Suffix Value: ABC

Number Base: 10

Sequence Length: 6

Min Sequence: 1

Max Sequence: 100000

Increment By: 1

Current Sequence: 1