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 Assigning Material Components to Operations/sub-Operations Locate this document in the navigation structure


  1. Call up the material component overview for the routing.

  2. The following table shows you the screens the system branches to depending on whether bills of material exist for the material.

    Screen Sequence for Material Component Overview

    If there is

    you reach the

    no bill of material for the material

    Material component assignment dialog box. You can branch directly to the bill of material maintenance and create a bill of material.

    one bill of material for the material

    Material Component Overview screen.

    several bills of material for the material

    Choose Alternative BOM dialog box. Select the bill of material whose components you want to assign.

  3. Select the material component that you want to assign to an operation.

  4. Select the menu options Edit New assignment .

  5. The New Assignment screen appears.

  6. Enter the operation and the sequence in which you want to assign the material component: You can assign the material component

  7. – directly

    – via an operation list

    To display the operations to which you can assign material components, choose Operation list in the New Assignment dialog box. From here you can select an operation.

  8. Choose Enter .


The system assigns the material components to the operation.