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You can display two types of log for a set of control instructions in the monitor:

  • A control instruction log documenting the processing of the control instructions in process integration.

  • the tRFC log, which documents the execution of the tRFC (transactional remote function call) used to transfer control instructions to an external system.


Transactional RFC Log

If a set of control instructions is downloaded to an external function, the system documents the execution of the corresponding tRFCs in a tRFC log. The tRFC log documents all tRFCs executed in your system. It provides information on:

  • The processing status of the RFC

  • System messages returned by the external system when it receives the control instruction data

When calling up the tRFC log from within the control recipe monitor, you can choose the log entries you want to display using the following criteria:

  • Point in time at which the tRFC was executed

  • User who triggered the tRFC (that is, the user who created the send job or sent the control instructions online)

The individual entries in the log can be identified using a number of additional criteria that you can find in the log. The following table lists the names of these fields in the tRFC logs together with the corresponding fields in the control instruction log:

Field name in tRFC log

Field name in message log



Target system


Transaction ID

Computer IDProcess IDTime stampTransaction ID