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 Assigning Work Centers in Hierarchy Maintenance Locate this document in the navigation structure

  1. In hierarchy maintenance choose   Goto   Work cntr. assignment.  

  2. If no work centers have yet been assigned to the hierarchy, the dialog box Choose work centers appears.

    If work centers have already been assigned, they are listed. Choose   Edit   New assignments  

  3. Enter the plant where the work centers are, that you want to assign to the hierarchy.

  4. You can restrict the selection of the work centers further by entering the relevant details.

  5. Choose Enter .

  6. You return to the Create Hierarchy: Work center assignment screen :

  7. In the screen section Assignments, select the work centers that you want to assign.

  8.  ( )

    If you do not select work centers, they will not be assigned.

  9. If you want to assign more work centers, choose   Edit   New assignments.  

  10. To position the work centers correctly in the hierarchy, choose   Goto   Graphic.  

The hierarchy graphic appears, which you can edit. Refer to Connecting Work Centers and Deleting Work Center Assignments