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 Maintenance of Header Data in the Production Order Locate this document in the navigation structure


With this function you maintain the data that is assigned to the production order at header level.


The order header data is only a part of the data that you can maintain in the production order. You can also maintain data for the following objects in the production order:


The production order data that you can maintain with this function is saved in a tab with the following tab pages:

  • General : Quantities, dates and scheduling data

  • Assignment : Responsibility, plants, other assignments

  • Goods receipt : Tolerances, receipt and delivery

  • Control : Reference order, costing data, production scheduling profile

  • Dates/quantities : Quantities and dates in detail

  • Master data : Routing, bill of material

  • Long text : Text field for entering a long text

  • Administration : Created/changed by

    Note Note

    You maintain production order data in all of the tab pages in the same way.

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Change the order data according to your requirements. Many of the fields are filled automatically when you create the order. The settings that determine this are made in Customizing for the order type and the plant.