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The content of the control instructions is generated from the execution steps (XSteps) that you have defined in your routings and production orders.

Depending on the definitions in the XSteps, the following data is passed on in control instructions:

  • Process and control parameters

  • Information on process messages that are to be returned to PP

  • Textual instructions for operators of machines that are fully or partially manually operated.


You need control instructions if you use process integration for production control.


You have created execution steps (XSteps). (See the documentation for Production Planning in the Process Industries Execution Steps (XSteps) .)

You have defined the control instruction destinations in Customizing under   Production   Shop Floor Control   Integration   Process Integration   Control Instruction Destinations   Define and Set Up Control Instruction Destinations   .


Generation of Control Instructions

You generate control instructions in the production order:

  • Manually

    To do so, choose   Functions   Generate   or   Functions   Generate for Test   in the order header.

  • Automatically after order release

    To do so, specify in Customizing under   Production   Shop Floor Control   Master Data   Define Production Scheduling Profile   that the control instructions are to be generated automatically following order release.

When control instructions are generated, the references to standard XSteps are exploded and the content of valid and released SXS versions is copied into the branch of the XStep tree. If generation scopes exist, they are exploded.

Sending Control Instructions

Destinations (recipients) are defined for control instructions in Customizing. You specify the control instruction destination when maintaining an execution step (XStep). The following destination types are possible for control instructions:

  • Type 2: Download to external system; initiated by process coordination (SAP)

    The control instruction destination is an external system. The transfer of control instructions to the external system is to be initiated by the SAP system.

    For the transfer of control instructions with XSteps to an external system, the Generation of Xsteps Blocks must be set (see also Use of XSteps to Connect Up External Systems ).

  • Type 4: Transfer to browser-based PI sheet (SAP)

    The control recipe destination is a processor group for the work instructions which is outputted in HTML layout on the screen.

All control instructions to be sent are first checked by process management and are not sent to the relevant destinations unless the checks were successful.

When the control instructions have been sent, you can monitor the processing status of individual messages in the Monitor for Control Instructions/Recipes .