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You can only create an inspection lot in a production order, if

  • Inspection data has been maintained and activated in the quality management view of the material master of the material being produced

  • The order is not technically complete

  • The order has no deletion flag or deletion indicator in the header

You can check the production order status in the status line of all header screens. You can also do this via the menu. To do so, choose  ( ) .


Create Manually

To create an inspection lot manually, proceed as follows:

  1. Call up the production order.

  2. Choose   Functions   Inspection lot   Create.  

Create Automatically

The system automatically generates an inspection lot for a production order, when the first operation in the order is released:

  • If the system manages to create an inspection lot, the system status ILCR (Inspection lot created) is set in the header of the production order

  • If the inspection lot could not be created, the system status ILNC (Inspection lot not created) is set

Note Note

You can select and process all orders in which the generating of an inspection lot failed by using a selection profile and searching for all orders with the status ILNC

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