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 Creating a Production Order with a Material Locate this document in the navigation structure

  1. Choose   Logistics   Production   Shop Floor Control   Order   Create   With material   .  

You reach the initial screen Create production order .

  1. Enter the following data:

  • the material that you want to produce

  • the production plant where the material is to be produced

  • the planning plant where the goods receipt should occur for the material produced

Note Note

You can use the planning plant for example when you have organized sales as an independent plant. However, in most cases the production plant and the planning plant are not identical. If both plants are identical you only have to specify a plant number. The other number is then filled automatically.

End of the note.
  • the order type (it controls whether an internal or external number range is used.)

  • if you have selected an order type for which an external number assignment is required then you must also specify an order number in the field Order.

  1. Choose  ( ) .

  2. You reach the tab page General.

  3. Enter the following data:

  • Total quantity : Specify the quantity that you want to produce. (The unit of measure is copied from the material master).

Note Note

If a fixed lot size is specified in the material master for the material to be produced (MRP) then the lot size is proposed as the order quantity in this field.

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  • Order start date or order finish date : Depending on the scheduling type you must specify the order start and/or the order finish date.

Note Note

Production orders are generally scheduled backwards.

End of the note.
  • Scheduling type : Use a key to specify how the order is to be scheduled.

  • Scheduling margin key or float before production , float after production and release period :

    The release period, the float before production and the float after production of the order are defined using the scheduling margin key.

If you specify a scheduling margin key the system fills these fields automatically.

If no scheduling margin key has been specified you can specify the float before production, the float after production and the release horizon by specifying the corresponding number of days.

  1. You must also specify the following data:

  • Scrap portion : You can specify the scrap quantity that you expect for this order. If assembly scrap is maintained in the material master, this is proposed.

  • Priority : You can assign the order a priority. (This field does not affect order processing.)

  • Long text : To create a long text for the production order choose the Long text tab page .

  1. Choose  ( ) .

The system searches for a valid routing (see Routing Selection ) and a valid bill of material (see Selecting Bills of Material ).

Note Note

If alternative sequences exist in the selected routing, they can only be copied to the production order if alternative sequences are permitted for the order type in Customizing for Shop Floor Control: Choose   Master data   Order   Define Order Type-Dependent Parameters   .  

End of the note.

If you do not want to change data copied from the routing or bill of materials then you can save the production order now. Otherwise, change the data and then save the production order.