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To produce a work center hierarchy you need to carry out the following steps:

  1. You have to create the hierarchy

  2. You can only do this in hierarchy maintenance.

  3. You then assign work centers to the hierarchy and arrange in the required order

This you can do both in work center maintenance and hierarchy maintenance..

In Hierarchy Maintenance

You can assign work centers when you create or change a hierarchy. Refer to Creating Hierarchies and Assigning Work Centers in Hierarchy Maintenance .

To arrange the work centers in the hierarchy, you have to call up the hierarchy graphic . You can display and edit the hierarchy.

In Work Center Maintenance

When you are creating or changing a work center, you can assign it to a hierarchy. To do so, you must either define it as the hierarchy root or enter the higher-level work center. Refer to Assigning work centers in work center maintenance

You can change the hierarchy level in the hierarchy graphic only, which you call up from hierarchy maintenance.