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You can filter the components in the component overview in the production order any way you like. The system then displays only those components that meet the specified criteria.


You can select the following types of filtering when maintaining an order:

  • No filter

  • Manual filter (according to a temporarily created filter profile)

  • Profile from Customizing (Customizing for Shop Floor Control by choosing   Screen Control   Define Filter Criteria for Components)  

  • Profile defined in the production order

Profile Definition in the Production Order

You can define your own filter profiles during order maintenance. The system does not propose those profiles already defined by other users in the dialog box. You can save field values (for example, for the selection of dummy components) in the profiles that you define in the order. If you have not defined values in the profile, the system will display a dialog box asking you to enter field values. You can use the following fields as filter criteria, for example: missing part, item category, dummy assembly.

User Parameters

You can define the filter profile that will be evaluated when the component overview is called up in the user parameter F1F.


  • To filter the components, select the corresponding entry (the field to the right next to  ( ) ).

  • To create or change a profile, choose   Components   Profile   Create/Change Filter Profile   in the component hierarchy