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 Assigning a Work Center to a Business Process Locate this document in the navigation structure


The formula, the business process and the (phantom) cost center that you use, have already been created.

Note Note

In the business process master data in the fields Allocation category and Actual allocation category, a business process that you want to assign to a work center can only have the indicator 1 or 2.

Make sure you enter an activity unit in the master data of the business process, that can be converted to the same units as the standard values in the routing.

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  1. In work center maintenance choose   Goto   Cost center assignment  

  2. The Cost Center Assignment screen appears

  3. Enter the validity period for the assignment.

  4. Enter the cost center.

  5.  ( )

    This entry is only used for documentation. If you have not assigned your work center to a cost center, you can enter a phantom cost center.

  6. Enter a business process and the corresponding formula key.

  7. If you want to prevent a business process from being changed in a routing, set a reference indicator for the activity.

  8. Save the work center.