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In a production process, it is sometimes necessary to carry out inspections to ensure the quality of a product. An inspection lot documents a request for an inspection. Inspection characteristics are assigned to the inspection lot. An inspection characteristic defines what needs to be inspected. A distinction is made between qualitative characteristics and quantitative characteristics.

With in-process inspections, an inspection lot is created for a production order. Characteristics are assigned to individual operations in the order. The characteristics define the inspection requirements.

The results of the inspection are then recorded for each inspection characteristic and stored in the inspection lot.

For more information about inspection lots, see Inspection Processing .

For more information about inspection characteristics, see Inspection Planning .


The system distinguishes between planned and unplanned inspection characteristics:

  • Planned inspection characteristics are maintained in the routing

  • Unplanned inspection characteristics are maintained in the production order

If inspection data has been maintained in the quality management view of the material master of the material being produced, then the system automatically creates the inspection lot, as soon as the first operation in the production order is released.

You also have the option of creating an inspection lot manually in the production order.