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You use this procedure to reduce the effort in creating new routings by copying from an existing routing.

If a suitable source routing does nor exist in your system use the procedure Crea ting a Routing .


The following data already exists in the system:

  • The source (routing)

  • If you want to maintain the routing with history : The corresponding change master record.

  • If you want to link the routing with a revision level : The relevant revision level of the material to be produced.


  1. In the SAP menu choose   Logistics   Production   Master Data   Routings   and then   Routings   Routing (or other task list type)   Create   .

    Note Note

    In the following procedure the task list type Routing is referred to, primarily in menu paths. The same paths are also valid for the other task list types (reference operation sets, rate routings and reference rate routings). If you want to maintain such an object choose the <task list type> instead of Routing .

    End of the note.
  2. Enter the relevant data on the initial screen.

  3. Choose   Routing   Copy from.  

  4. Select the required task list type and choose Continue.

  5. Enter the necessary data for selecting a source routing.

    All routings that fit the selection criteria are displayed in a dialog box.

  6. Place the cursor on the required source and choose Choose .

    The data is copied from the source to the new routing. For information about exceptions and special features, refer to Create by Copying

  7. If necessary, append or change the header data that was copied and choose Continue .

    The changes are checked completely by the system.

    For example, if you have changed the plant from that of the source and the original work centers do not exist in the new plant, the details screen with the relevant fields is displayed automatically.

    If no inconsistencies are found, the operation overview is displayed.

  8. If necessary, change or append the operations and sub-operations that were copied. Save your routing.