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To create improved evaluation options with regard to faulty materials produced, you can specify that the system is automatically to create quality notifications at the time of confirmation. On the basis of these quality notifications, you are then in a position to investigate why increased scrap has been incurred for a certain material, for example.


You can use the function for the automatic generation of quality notifications only if you are additionally using the Enhancement of Quantity Fields function.


You have made the following settings for the desired order type on the Individual Entry General tab page in Customizing for Shop Floor Control under   Operations   Confirmation   Define Confirmation Parameters   :

  • You have specified the notification type that the system is to use for the quality notification.

  • You have defined a new quantity layout . In this layout, you have specified the new quantity fields and the code group, the code , and the cause.

  • You have assigned the quantity layout to a plant and an ID.

  • You have set the Header Confirmation indicator so that the new quantity fields are also displayed in the confirmation of the order header.

If you use transaction CO11N or COR6N, you must additionally make the following settings for the desired confirmation profile in the IMG activity Define Single-Screen Entry :

  • On the Area Selection tab page, choose the Quantities: Subdivided Quantities area and define a pushbutton text (such as Quantities ).

  • You specify whether a certain quantity layout is always to be shown or whether the system is to determine the quantity layout on the basis of the order type of the order to be confirmed in the Quantity Layout field on the Default Settings tab page.


The system automatically generates a quality notification when a confirmation is entered.

You can display the number of the quality notification in the display and cancellation transactions for the confirmation by choosing the Administration tab page. If you double-click on the number, the system displays the quality notification.