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Criteria for the Selection

When carrying out automatic selection using the selection ID the system tries to select a routing according to predefined criteria.

On order creation you specify a material, the quantity of the material to be manufactured and a basic date. When automatically selecting a routing the system uses the following criteria:

  1. Material : First of all the system looks for all the routings that exist for the material.

  1. Quantity : The system then looks for all the routings whose lot sizes fit the order quantity specified. If there are no routings whose lot sizes fit the order quantity then the system looks without taking the lot size into account.

  2. Basic date : The system then determines the date when the routing must be exploded for the order. It proceeds as follows:

  • If you have specified the basic start date of the order the system takes this date as the explosion date for the routing.

  • If you have specified the basic finish date of the order the system calculates the explosion date from the basic finish date minus the in-house production time defined in the material master. If the in-house production time is not defined in the material master record then the system carries out the same calculation with the lot-size dependent in-house production time.

The system restricts the routing selection to routings that exist at the explosion date.

Example Example

If the production order was converted from a planned order in which a production version was specified then the system tries to select a routing using this production version.

End of the example.

Automatic Selection

If an automatic selection is not possible the system functions as follows:

  • If no routing matches the selection criteria then no routings are displayed (you must make another selection).

  • If several routings match the selection criteria equally well then all of them are displayed.

Example Example

Two priorities are maintained for one selection ID. Routing selection takes place automatically. Two routings match the first priority equally well. One routing matches the second priority exactly:

In this case, no automatic selection is possible. Thus the system lists the two routings with priority 1 AND the routing with priority 2. You must select one of the three routings manually.

End of the example.

Selection Priority

It can happen that several routings fulfill all the selection criteria. In this case you can also define additional selection criteria in Customizing according to which the system can automatically select exactly one routing. Selection priorities can be assigned for the following criteria:

  • Task list type ( routing , reference operation set )

  • Use

  • Status

If a reference operation set is included, then the components that belong to it are also transferred to the production order.

Production Version

If it is specified in the material master of the material to be produced that the bill of material is to be selected using a production version and if a routing is also assigned in the production version then this task list is copied to the order.

Note Note

If there are several production versions, either the system decides automatically which production version is used, or you choose the production version manually. You make the settings for this in the order type-dependent parameters (Production version indicator in Customizing for Shop Floor Control by choosing   Master Data   Order   Define Order-Type Dependent Parameters   ).  

End of the note.