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 Additionally Assigning Components Without Providing them Locate this document in the navigation structure


You have already assigned a material component to an operation as a to-be-provided component

You now want to assign another component to the same operation, but this component is not to-be-provided.


  1. In the operation overview choose   Goto   CompAssig. gen.  

  2. The Material Component Overview screen appears

  3. Select the BOM item that you want to provide and choose   Edit   New Assignment   .

  4. The New Assignment screen appears.

  5. Enter the operation that the component is to be provided for and choose Continue .

  6. You return to the Material Component Overview screen.

  7. Choose   Extras   BOM.  

  8. The item overview for the BOM appears

  9.   Select those BOM items that are not to be provided and choose Goto   Item   Status/Long text   .  

  10. The Item: Status/Long text screen appears.

  11. Enter L in the Mat. provision ind . field and choose Back twice.

  12. You return to the Material Component Overview screen

  13. Save your routing.