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You can subdivide the quantity fields Yield, Scrap, and Rework into further quantity fields to enable the entry of certain quantities in the confirmation on a targeted basis.

Thus, for example, you can subdivide the Scrap field into several scrap fields (such as scrap due to bent parts, scrap due to scratched parts). In addition, you can specify that the system is to generate a corresponding quality notification in this case. See also: Automatic Generation of Quality Notifications


You can use the enhanced quantity fields in the following transactions:

  • Enter time ticket for production order (CO11N)

  • Enter time ticket for process order (COR6N)

  • Enter confirmation for production order (CO15)

  • Enter confirmation for process order (CORK)

  • Display confirmation (CO14/CORT)

  • Cancel confirmation (CO13/CORS)


You have made the following settings for the desired order type in Customizing for Shop Floor Control under   Operations   Confirmation   Define Confirmation Parameters   on the Individual Entry General tab page:

  • Define quantity layout

    To be able to create new quantity fields in a layout, choose the Define Quantity Layout function key. The Define Layout view appears. Here you specify the name of the layout and enter a description.

    In the Assign Quantities/Defects area, you can define additional input fields for the three quantity types Yield, Scrap , and Rework . In the process, note the following:

    • Create at least one entry for each quantity type for which you want to enter quantities.

    • For each entry, specify the position at which the entry is to be displayed in the confirmation in the Sequence field.

    • For each entry, specify how the quantity field is to be referred to in the confirmation in the Quantity Description field.

    • In the Display field, specify whether or not the new quantity field is to be displayed in the confirmation.

    • Specify how the system is to process the defect count (number of defects).

    • Specify the code group, code , and cause (reason).

    • If you specify a code, the system creates a corresponding quality notification for the order.

    • If you specify a cause (reason), the system can set a user status in the order.

      You can define different reasons for deviation/variance. Because the system is only able to save one reason for deviation/variance in a confirmation, when you enter a confirmation it adopts the reason from the first quantity line in which you have recorded a quantity.

  • Assign quantity layout

    You must choose the function key Assign Quantity Layout to assign the new quantity layout to a plant and an ID.

  • Set Header Confirmation indicator

    If you set the Header Confirmation indicator, the system also displays the new quantity layout in the confirmation of the order header (CO15/ CORK).

If you use transaction CO11N or COR6N, you must additionally make the following settings for the desired confirmation profile in the IMG activity Define Single-Screen Entry :

  • On the Area Selection tab page, choose the Quantities: Subdivided Quantities area and define a pushbutton text (such as Quantities ).

  • You specify whether a certain quantity layout is always to be shown or whether the system is to determine the quantity layout on the basis of the order type of the order to be confirmed in the Quantity Layout field on the Default Settings tab page.


The system now uses the fields defined by you instead of the standard fields and shows these new fields in the confirmation transactions.

If you carry out the confirmation process using the transactions Enter Time Ticket for Production Order (CO11N) or Enter Time Ticket for Process Order (COR6N) and have chosen the setting Order-Type-Dependent Quantity Layout for the quantity layout, the system is not able to determine the quantity layout to be used until you have entered the number of the confirmation or the order and operation numbers and chosen Enter .