Start Level 1 Node: Supply Chain Planning Interfaces (LO-SCI)Supply Chain Planning Interfaces (LO-SCI)End Level 1 Node: Supply Chain Planning Interfaces (LO-SCI)
   Start Level 2 Node: Interfaces for Supply Chain PlanningInterfaces for Supply Chain PlanningEnd Level 2 Node: Interfaces for Supply Chain Planning
   Start Level 2 Node: Supply Chain Planning InterfacesSupply Chain Planning InterfacesEnd Level 2 Node: Supply Chain Planning Interfaces
      Start Level 3 Node: Supply Chain Planning Interfaces (LO-SCI)Supply Chain Planning Interfaces (LO-SCI)End Level 3 Node: Supply Chain Planning Interfaces (LO-SCI)
   Start Level 2 Node: Production Optimization Interface (POI)Production Optimization Interface (POI)End Level 2 Node: Production Optimization Interface (POI)
      Start Level 3 Node: Production Optimization Interface (POI): OverviewProduction Optimization Interface (POI): OverviewEnd Level 3 Node: Production Optimization Interface (POI): Overview
         Start Level 4 Node: PrerequisitesPrerequisitesEnd Level 4 Node: Prerequisites
         Start Level 4 Node: Application ScenariosApplication ScenariosEnd Level 4 Node: Application Scenarios
            Start Level 5 Node: Optimizing Capacity by Sequencing in Repetitive ManufacturingOptimizing Capacity by Sequencing in Repetitive ManufacturingEnd Level 5 Node: Optimizing Capacity by Sequencing in Repetitive Manufacturing
            Start Level 5 Node: Optimizing Production Planning Considering Various ConditionsOptimizing Production Planning Considering Various ConditionsEnd Level 5 Node: Optimizing Production Planning Considering Various Conditions
         Start Level 4 Node: CommunicationCommunicationEnd Level 4 Node: Communication
            Start Level 5 Node: Communication: ALECommunication: ALEEnd Level 5 Node: Communication: ALE
            Start Level 5 Node: Communication: RFC and TRFCCommunication: RFC and TRFCEnd Level 5 Node: Communication: RFC and TRFC
            Start Level 5 Node: IDoc Basic StructureIDoc Basic StructureEnd Level 5 Node: IDoc Basic Structure
         Start Level 4 Node: Data Exchange: DownloadData Exchange: DownloadEnd Level 4 Node: Data Exchange: Download
            Start Level 5 Node: Master DataMaster DataEnd Level 5 Node: Master Data
               Start Level 6 Node: Master Data TransferMaster Data TransferEnd Level 6 Node: Master Data Transfer
               Start Level 6 Node: Transfer ModeTransfer ModeEnd Level 6 Node: Transfer Mode
               Start Level 6 Node: Procedure: Select Master DataProcedure: Select Master DataEnd Level 6 Node: Procedure: Select Master Data
            Start Level 5 Node: Transaction DataTransaction DataEnd Level 5 Node: Transaction Data
               Start Level 6 Node: Procedure: Select Transaction DataProcedure: Select Transaction DataEnd Level 6 Node: Procedure: Select Transaction Data
               Start Level 6 Node: Customizing Settings: DownloadCustomizing Settings: DownloadEnd Level 6 Node: Customizing Settings: Download
               Start Level 6 Node: Procedure: Monitor DownloadProcedure: Monitor DownloadEnd Level 6 Node: Procedure: Monitor Download
               Start Level 6 Node: Monitoring the DownloadMonitoring the DownloadEnd Level 6 Node: Monitoring the Download
         Start Level 4 Node: POI IDocsPOI IDocsEnd Level 4 Node: POI IDocs
            Start Level 5 Node: LOIBOM01LOIBOM01End Level 5 Node: LOIBOM01
            Start Level 5 Node: MATMAS03MATMAS03End Level 5 Node: MATMAS03
            Start Level 5 Node: LOICAL01LOICAL01End Level 5 Node: LOICAL01
            Start Level 5 Node: LOIWCS02LOIWCS02End Level 5 Node: LOIWCS02
            Start Level 5 Node: LOIRNH01LOIRNH01End Level 5 Node: LOIRNH01
            Start Level 5 Node: LOIROU01LOIROU01End Level 5 Node: LOIROU01
            Start Level 5 Node: CLFMAS01CLFMAS01End Level 5 Node: CLFMAS01
            Start Level 5 Node: LOINUM01LOINUM01End Level 5 Node: LOINUM01
            Start Level 5 Node: LOIPLO01LOIPLO01End Level 5 Node: LOIPLO01
            Start Level 5 Node: LOIPRO01LOIPRO01End Level 5 Node: LOIPRO01
            Start Level 5 Node: LOISTD01LOISTD01End Level 5 Node: LOISTD01
            Start Level 5 Node: LOIRSH01LOIRSH01End Level 5 Node: LOIRSH01
            Start Level 5 Node: LOITMXL01LOITMXL01End Level 5 Node: LOITMXL01
            Start Level 5 Node: LOIPGR01LOIPGR01End Level 5 Node: LOIPGR01
            Start Level 5 Node: LOIMSO01LOIMSO01End Level 5 Node: LOIMSO01
            Start Level 5 Node: LPIPCM01LPIPCM01End Level 5 Node: LPIPCM01
         Start Level 4 Node: Data Exchange: UploadData Exchange: UploadEnd Level 4 Node: Data Exchange: Upload
            Start Level 5 Node: Data UploadData UploadEnd Level 5 Node: Data Upload
               Start Level 6 Node: Start UploadStart UploadEnd Level 6 Node: Start Upload
               Start Level 6 Node: Monitoring the UploadMonitoring the UploadEnd Level 6 Node: Monitoring the Upload
               Start Level 6 Node: Procedure: Monitor UploadProcedure: Monitor UploadEnd Level 6 Node: Procedure: Monitor Upload
               Start Level 6 Node: Customizing Settings: UploadCustomizing Settings: UploadEnd Level 6 Node: Customizing Settings: Upload
            Start Level 5 Node: Tables for UploadTables for UploadEnd Level 5 Node: Tables for Upload
               Start Level 6 Node: Function Module CLOI_CHANGES_UPL_31Function Module CLOI_CHANGES_UPL_31End Level 6 Node: Function Module CLOI_CHANGES_UPL_31
               Start Level 6 Node: CLOI_IF_PARCLOI_IF_PAREnd Level 6 Node: CLOI_IF_PAR
               Start Level 6 Node: CLOI_RET_VALCLOI_RET_VALEnd Level 6 Node: CLOI_RET_VAL
               Start Level 6 Node: CLOI_PLORDI_IMPCLOI_PLORDI_IMPEnd Level 6 Node: CLOI_PLORDI_IMP
               Start Level 6 Node: CLOI_PLORDU_IMPCLOI_PLORDU_IMPEnd Level 6 Node: CLOI_PLORDU_IMP
               Start Level 6 Node: CLOI_PLORDD_IMPCLOI_PLORDD_IMPEnd Level 6 Node: CLOI_PLORDD_IMP
               Start Level 6 Node: CLOI_PLORD_OPRU_IMPCLOI_PLORD_OPRU_IMPEnd Level 6 Node: CLOI_PLORD_OPRU_IMP
               Start Level 6 Node: CLOI_ORDI_IMPCLOI_ORDI_IMPEnd Level 6 Node: CLOI_ORDI_IMP
               Start Level 6 Node: CLOI_ORDU_IMPCLOI_ORDU_IMPEnd Level 6 Node: CLOI_ORDU_IMP
               Start Level 6 Node: CLOI_ORD_OPRU_IMPCLOI_ORD_OPRU_IMPEnd Level 6 Node: CLOI_ORD_OPRU_IMP
               Start Level 6 Node: CLOI_MAP_EXPCLOI_MAP_EXPEnd Level 6 Node: CLOI_MAP_EXP
               Start Level 6 Node: CLOI_METHOD_LOG_EXPCLOI_METHOD_LOG_EXPEnd Level 6 Node: CLOI_METHOD_LOG_EXP
               Start Level 6 Node: CLOI_MSG_OBJ_LOG_EXPCLOI_MSG_OBJ_LOG_EXPEnd Level 6 Node: CLOI_MSG_OBJ_LOG_EXP
               Start Level 6 Node: CLOI_PLORD_EXPCLOI_PLORD_EXPEnd Level 6 Node: CLOI_PLORD_EXP
               Start Level 6 Node: CLOI_ORD_EXPCLOI_ORD_EXPEnd Level 6 Node: CLOI_ORD_EXP
               Start Level 6 Node: CLOI_PLORD_OPR_EXPCLOI_PLORD_OPR_EXPEnd Level 6 Node: CLOI_PLORD_OPR_EXP
               Start Level 6 Node: CLOIORD_OPR_EXPCLOIORD_OPR_EXPEnd Level 6 Node: CLOIORD_OPR_EXP
               Start Level 6 Node: CLOI_ORD_SEQ_EXPCLOI_ORD_SEQ_EXPEnd Level 6 Node: CLOI_ORD_SEQ_EXP
               Start Level 6 Node: Function Module CLOI_MESSSAGES_TEXT_GETFunction Module CLOI_MESSSAGES_TEXT_GETEnd Level 6 Node: Function Module CLOI_MESSSAGES_TEXT_GET
               Start Level 6 Node: CLOI_LANGUCLOI_LANGUEnd Level 6 Node: CLOI_LANGU
               Start Level 6 Node: CLOI_MSG_IMPCLOI_MSG_IMPEnd Level 6 Node: CLOI_MSG_IMP
               Start Level 6 Node: CLOI_MSG_TEXT_EXPCLOI_MSG_TEXT_EXPEnd Level 6 Node: CLOI_MSG_TEXT_EXP
   Start Level 2 Node: Transportation Planning InterfaceTransportation Planning InterfaceEnd Level 2 Node: Transportation Planning Interface
      Start Level 3 Node: SAP Transportation Planning Interface (SD-TRA-IN)SAP Transportation Planning Interface (SD-TRA-IN)End Level 3 Node: SAP Transportation Planning Interface (SD-TRA-IN)
      Start Level 3 Node: Logical Communication Processes Between the SAP System and the TLogical Communication Processes Between the SAP System and the TEnd Level 3 Node: Logical Communication Processes Between the SAP System and the T
      Start Level 3 Node: Application Transactions of the InterfaceApplication Transactions of the InterfaceEnd Level 3 Node: Application Transactions of the Interface
      Start Level 3 Node: Configuration Options for Delivery TransferConfiguration Options for Delivery TransferEnd Level 3 Node: Configuration Options for Delivery Transfer
      Start Level 3 Node: Technical CommunicationTechnical CommunicationEnd Level 3 Node: Technical Communication
         Start Level 4 Node: E2EDT1x - ProcessesE2EDT1x - ProcessesEnd Level 4 Node: E2EDT1x - Processes
         Start Level 4 Node: E2KNVAM - Opening Times ProfilesE2KNVAM - Opening Times ProfilesEnd Level 4 Node: E2KNVAM - Opening Times Profiles
         Start Level 4 Node: E2STATS - EDI Status RecordE2STATS - EDI Status RecordEnd Level 4 Node: E2STATS - EDI Status Record
         Start Level 4 Node: E2TPACC - Action CodeE2TPACC - Action CodeEnd Level 4 Node: E2TPACC - Action Code
         Start Level 4 Node: E2TPALC - Permitted Service AgentE2TPALC - Permitted Service AgentEnd Level 4 Node: E2TPALC - Permitted Service Agent
         Start Level 4 Node: E2TPCOC - Goods CodeE2TPCOC - Goods CodeEnd Level 4 Node: E2TPCOC - Goods Code
         Start Level 4 Node: E2TPDIH - Delivery Dimensions at Header LevelE2TPDIH - Delivery Dimensions at Header LevelEnd Level 4 Node: E2TPDIH - Delivery Dimensions at Header Level
         Start Level 4 Node: E2TPDII - Delivery Dimensions at Item LevelE2TPDII - Delivery Dimensions at Item LevelEnd Level 4 Node: E2TPDII - Delivery Dimensions at Item Level
         Start Level 4 Node: E2TPDIS - Shipping Unit DimensionsE2TPDIS - Shipping Unit DimensionsEnd Level 4 Node: E2TPDIS - Shipping Unit Dimensions
         Start Level 4 Node: E2TPDLC - Shipment Costs at Delivery LevelE2TPDLC - Shipment Costs at Delivery LevelEnd Level 4 Node: E2TPDLC - Shipment Costs at Delivery Level
         Start Level 4 Node: E2TPDLH - Delivery HeaderE2TPDLH - Delivery HeaderEnd Level 4 Node: E2TPDLH - Delivery Header
         Start Level 4 Node: E2TPDLI - Delivery ItemE2TPDLI - Delivery ItemEnd Level 4 Node: E2TPDLI - Delivery Item
         Start Level 4 Node: E2TPEQT - Means of TransportE2TPEQT - Means of TransportEnd Level 4 Node: E2TPEQT - Means of Transport
         Start Level 4 Node: E2TPFRC - Shipment Costs at Shipment Header LevelE2TPFRC - Shipment Costs at Shipment Header LevelEnd Level 4 Node: E2TPFRC - Shipment Costs at Shipment Header Level
         Start Level 4 Node: E2TPLCT - Location CodeE2TPLCT - Location CodeEnd Level 4 Node: E2TPLCT - Location Code
         Start Level 4 Node: E2TPLOC - Location Master Record AddressE2TPLOC - Location Master Record AddressEnd Level 4 Node: E2TPLOC - Location Master Record Address
         Start Level 4 Node: E2TPNOT - Delivery TextsE2TPNOT - Delivery TextsEnd Level 4 Node: E2TPNOT - Delivery Texts
         Start Level 4 Node: E2TPSHA - Transport ActivityE2TPSHA - Transport ActivityEnd Level 4 Node: E2TPSHA - Transport Activity
         Start Level 4 Node: E2TPSHH - Shipment HeaderE2TPSHH - Shipment HeaderEnd Level 4 Node: E2TPSHH - Shipment Header
         Start Level 4 Node: E2TPSHI - Delivery in ShipmentE2TPSHI - Delivery in ShipmentEnd Level 4 Node: E2TPSHI - Delivery in Shipment
         Start Level 4 Node: E2TPSHR - Rail DataE2TPSHR - Rail DataEnd Level 4 Node: E2TPSHR - Rail Data
         Start Level 4 Node: E2TPSHT - Leg Data in ShipmentE2TPSHT - Leg Data in ShipmentEnd Level 4 Node: E2TPSHT - Leg Data in Shipment
         Start Level 4 Node: E2TPSHU - Shipping UnitE2TPSHU - Shipping UnitEnd Level 4 Node: E2TPSHU - Shipping Unit
         Start Level 4 Node: E2TPSLS - Shipping PointsE2TPSLS - Shipping PointsEnd Level 4 Node: E2TPSLS - Shipping Points
         Start Level 4 Node: E2TPSUC - Shipping Unit ContentsE2TPSUC - Shipping Unit ContentsEnd Level 4 Node: E2TPSUC - Shipping Unit Contents
         Start Level 4 Node: E2TPTIW - Time FrameE2TPTIW - Time FrameEnd Level 4 Node: E2TPTIW - Time Frame
         Start Level 4 Node: E2TPTRP - Existing ShipmentE2TPTRP - Existing ShipmentEnd Level 4 Node: E2TPTRP - Existing Shipment
         Start Level 4 Node: E2TPTRM- Location IdentificationE2TPTRM- Location IdentificationEnd Level 4 Node: E2TPTRM- Location Identification
         Start Level 4 Node: SAP System Settings and ModificationsSAP System Settings and ModificationsEnd Level 4 Node: SAP System Settings and Modifications
         Start Level 4 Node: Error AnalysisError AnalysisEnd Level 4 Node: Error Analysis
         Start Level 4 Node: Modifications (Customer Functions)Modifications (Customer Functions)End Level 4 Node: Modifications (Customer Functions)
         Start Level 4 Node: IDoc DescriptionIDoc DescriptionEnd Level 4 Node: IDoc Description
            Start Level 5 Node: EDI_DC - IDoc Control RecordEDI_DC - IDoc Control RecordEnd Level 5 Node: EDI_DC - IDoc Control Record
            Start Level 5 Node: Special Fields in the Control Segment of the EDI_DCSpecial Fields in the Control Segment of the EDI_DCEnd Level 5 Node: Special Fields in the Control Segment of the EDI_DC
            Start Level 5 Node: EDI_DD - IDoc Data RecordEDI_DD - IDoc Data RecordEnd Level 5 Node: EDI_DD - IDoc Data Record
            Start Level 5 Node: TPSDLS01 - Planning/Changing/Deallocating a DeliveryTPSDLS01 - Planning/Changing/Deallocating a DeliveryEnd Level 5 Node: TPSDLS01 - Planning/Changing/Deallocating a Delivery
            Start Level 5 Node: TPSLOC01 - Adding/Changing Location Master DataTPSLOC01 - Adding/Changing Location Master DataEnd Level 5 Node: TPSLOC01 - Adding/Changing Location Master Data
            Start Level 5 Node: TPSSHT01 - Creating/Deleting/Changing a Shipment - Set ShipmentTPSSHT01 - Creating/Deleting/Changing a Shipment - Set ShipmentEnd Level 5 Node: TPSSHT01 - Creating/Deleting/Changing a Shipment - Set Shipment
            Start Level 5 Node: SYSTAT01 - Status Information for Conversion / PosSYSTAT01 - Status Information for Conversion / PosEnd Level 5 Node: SYSTAT01 - Status Information for Conversion / Pos
            Start Level 5 Node: Description of the IDoc Segments, Fields and Domain ValuesDescription of the IDoc Segments, Fields and Domain ValuesEnd Level 5 Node: Description of the IDoc Segments, Fields and Domain Values
   Start Level 2 Node: Auto-ID Backend IntegrationAuto-ID Backend IntegrationEnd Level 2 Node: Auto-ID Backend Integration