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You can release individual operations within a production order. Use this function if you want to process a production order without releasing the whole order.


The following applies when releasing operations:

  • If you release one or more operations within a production order, the operations receive the status REL (released) and the production order receives the status PREL (partially confirmed).

  • As soon as you have released all operations in an order, the order automatically receives the status REL.

Note Note

An operation can only be released if the preceding operation has been released.

End of the note.

Using Trigger Points to Release Operations

You can assign a trigger point to an operation in the routing or in the production order. You can release one, or several successive operations, using trigger points (see Trigger Points ).

How to Create a Trigger Point explains how to assign a trigger point.

Actions for Partially Confirmed Orders

The following actions can be executed for partially confirmed orders:

  • Shop floor papers can be printed for a partially confirmed order.

  • A released operation can be confirmed.

  • Material movements can be executed for material components that are assigned to a released operation.