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  1. Choose   Logistics   Production   Shop Floor Control   Control   Print   .

    Background documentation 

    This transaction for printing (CO04N) has been defined as a variant transaction in mass processing (see Definition of Variants ).

    For more information, see Executing Mass Processing Online , Scheduling Mass Processing in the Background , and Mass Processing Functions .

  2. In the List field, select the object for which you want to print shop papers : Order headers, operations, production resources/tools, components .

  3. Select a layout .

  4. Enter your selection criteria.

    Note Note

    To make execution easier, you can define variants (see Definition of Variants ). This enables you to hide unnecessary selection criteria and preset the parameters for the mass processing functions.

    End of the note.
  5. Choose the tab page Mass processing - Print and make the print settings (see Mass Processing Functions ).

    Note Note

    You can simplify execution of the function by using the application toolbar .

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  6. Choose  ( ) ( Execute ).

    The list appears with the selected objects (this is the Individual Object List of the order information system).

  7. Select the items for which the function is to be executed.

  8. Choose  ( ) ( Mass Processing ).

    Note Note

    After mass processing has been executed, the display in the list is not automatically refreshed. To refresh the list, choose  ( ) ( Refresh ).

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    Note Note

    The production orders in a collective order are processed together in a LUW (Logical Unit of Work). This means that if processing is stopped for whatever reason, none of the functions is carried out for the collective order.

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