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You can assign people, positions, qualifications and requirements profiles in the HR Management System to work center capacities and pooled capacities in Logistics(LO).

To be able to assign these HR objects to capacities, you must have previously set the CapCatPers (capacity category person) indicator for the capacity category in Customizing the work center


Assigning People, Positions or Requirement Profiles to Capacities

  1. In the   capacity overview   screen of capacity maintenance choose Goto   HR assignments  

  2. The Assignments to HRMS Screen appears.

  3. Select the type of HR object you want to assign and choose   Edit   Create assignment.  

  4. Enter the name of the HR object and the validity period for the assignment.

  5. Choose Copy .

Assigning Qualifications to Capacities

  1. On the Organization structure screen choose   Edit   Qualifications.  

  2. Choose   Requirements   Create.  

    1. The Select Qualification dialog box appears.

  3. Select the required qualification and choose Copy .

  4. If necessary edit the validity period and the characteristic value.

  5. Choose Back.

  6. Save the assignments.


The HR object is assigned to the capacity.

On the Organization structure screen the following information is displayed about the assigned positions, people and requirements profile:

  • The object key, which consists of

  • the object type (for example P for person)

  • the object ID

  • The name of the object

  • A description of the object

  • The validity period of the HR object in HR

  • The validity period of the assignment to the LO object

Apart from the description, you can hide or show fields in the View menu.

  You can delete an assignment by choosing Edit   Delete assignment.