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The system displays administrative data concerning routing objects and their assignments on the administrative data area of various screens:

  • Information about the routing object : For example, when material components are assigned to a routing, you can see the item number by which the material component is identified in the bill of material, its item category (for example, variable-sized item) and its quantity.

  • Information about the validity of the routing object or its assignments : You can see the validity period of the routing object and its assignments as well as when and by whom the object or its assignments were created.

  • Information about changes made to a routing object or its assignments : You can see whether the routing object or its assignments were changed using a change number as well as when and by whom the last change was made.

Proceed as follows to call up administrative data for routing objects:

  • Header:

On the header overview, select the appropriate routing and the menu options   Details   Header   .  

  • Operation or sub-operation:

On the operation overview, select the operation or sub-operation and the menu options   Details   Operation   .  

  • Sequence:

On the sequence overview, select the sequence and the menu options   Details   Seq.   .  

  • Material component assignment:

On the material component overview, select the material component and the menu options   Details   Mat   .   components   Administrative data   .  

  • Production resource/tool:

On the PRT overview, select the production resource/tool and the menu options   Details   Prod.resources/tools   Administrative data   .  

  • Inspection characteristic:

On the characteristic overview, select the characteristic and the menu options   Details   Insp. characteristic   General data   Administrative data   .