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A production order must be released, before it can be processed. You can use the time period between creating and releasing a production order, for example, to carry out company checks and preparations. If you do not require this time period, you can automatically release the production order when it is created (see Automatic Release ).

A newly created production order initially receives the status CRTD (created). The following restrictions apply to a production order that has been created:

  • Confirmations for the order cannot yet be executed.

  • Shop floor papers cannot be printed.

  • Goods movements for the order cannot yet be executed.

Releasing the order lifts these restrictions.


Order release can be executed at the following levels:

  • With Release at Order Header Level all operations are released. The order and the operations receive the status REL (released).

  • With Release of an Operation the operation receives the status REL and the order receives the status PREL (partially released). If all operations in an order have been released, the order has the status REL.