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The settlement documents use up additional storage space. Once a posting period in Controlling (CO) and Accounting (FI) has been closed against further posting, the settlement documents can be archived. Be sure to include a safety margin when you specify the residence time in the settlement profile.

In Customizing for Product Cost Controlling, you use the residence time in the settlement profile to determine how long the settlement documents are kept in the SAP system. You can:

  • Archive the settlement documents directly

  • Archive the settlement documents when you archive the order

Note Note

Settlement documents can be removed after the posting period in Controlling and in Financial Accounting is closed for posting. You should, however, allow a safety period before doing this because the settlement documents may still be needed for reversal of settlement and for a repeat of the period-end closing.

End of the note.

The reorganization involves two steps:

  1. The settlement documents are archived.

  2. The data is deleted from the SAP system.

This ensures that data is not deleted from the database until it is actually present in the archive.

Archiving can only be carried out as a background job. You use a variant for the archiving program to determine which data is to be archived and whether the data is to be deleted from the database.

You can select settlement documents for archiving using the following parameters:

  • Settlement sender

  • Controlling area

  • Document number

  • Object number of the settlement sender

  • Latest posting date

Generate Archive starts a function that reads the archived data and deletes it from the database if necessary.

More Information

For more information, see the document   CO Internal Orders   CO Settlement  .

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