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You can dynamically modify the inspection scope to the expected quality level.

Dynamic modification can take place on inspection lot or inspection characteristic level. The inspection scope is adapted to conform to the current quality level with assistance from sampling procedures and dynamic modification rules. The dynamic modification rule lays down the conditions under which inspections are tightened or reduced. The system evaluates the number and results of the last checks with this rule. From the inspection severity determined this way it lays down the inspection scope for the individual characteristics using the sampling procedure.

Entries in Routings

On the header level of a routing you define,

  • Whether the inspection scope is dynamically modified

  • On which level (lot or inspection characteristic) the dynamic modification takes place

  • Which dynamic modification rule is used when doing this

Depending on which dynamic modification level you have selected, the dynamic modification rule is either binding or just a default for the characteristic dynamic modification rule.

You always assign the sampling procedure to the characteristic

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