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Tool for including process costs from Activity-Based Costing in cost estimates.


Templates allow you to include process costs in costing. Templates enable the process quantities to be determined and valued dynamically at the time of costing.

  • You can use a template for multiple cost objects.

  • You can define methods to determine processes dynamically.

  • You can use formulas to determine the process quantities used.

  • If separate subprocesses are valid only for certain cost objects, you can set individual lines to be active or inactive.

  • You can use subtemplates if process sequences are required in multiple processes.

Template Selection

Since templates are not dependent on the reference object, the appropriate template must be selected at the time of evaluation.

Templates are selected based on the following elements:

  • Costing sheet

    For material costing, the costing sheet is selected through the valuation variant. The valuation variant is specified in the costing variant.

    When process costs are allocated to cost objects and base planning objects, the costing sheet is determined from the master data.

  • Overhead key

    The overhead key is determined during material costing from the overhead group in the material master of the material to be costed. For more information, see Overhead Key.

  • Environment

    The environment determines the information that can be accessed when a template is defined.

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