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A work center or capacity in Logistics (LO) can be assigned to an object in the Human Resource Management System (HRMS). This could be, for example, a person or a qualification.


The assignment of HR objects is used, for instance, to determine which employees or minimum qualifications are required for a work center (in logistics) or a capacity.


You have to enter a validity period for each assignment. A position or a person can only be assigned to one LO object (work center or capacity) at one point of time.

Assigning LO Work Centers to HR Objects

You can only assign LO work centers directly to either a HR organizational unit or a HR work center. If you link the LO work center to a HR work center, you can link the LO work center with the following HR objects:

  • People

  • Positions

  • Qualifications

  • Requirements profile

Assigning Capacities to HR Objects

You can assign HR objects, for example, people and positions to work center capacities and pooled capacities directly. They are not linked with HR organizational unit or HR work centers.


In order to link capacities or work centers in Logistics with HR objects, you must be using the Human Resource Management System.