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You use this function to enter planned values for the activities to be performed in an operation or sub-operation, for example the required processing time or energy.

You can refer to the standard values for an operation or sub-operation in work center formulas. Thus the standard values are the basis for scheduling, capacity planning and calculation.


The following data are contained in the master record of the work center that is assigned to the operation or sub-operation:

  • A standard value key, which determines which standard values you can enter

  • A rule for maintenance for every standard value, which determines if you must, should or can enter a value

  • Default values for the units of measure for the standard values as well as the necessary activity types (if required)


Depending on the standard value key, you can edit up to six different standard values for an operation or sub-operation

You enter the standard values with reference to the base unit of measure for the material to be produced. With costing-relevant operations or sub-operations that are carried out at a work center with a cost center, you also define the associated activity type.

Processing Standard Values

Standard values are important for planning The system uses standard values for the following functions:

  • Scheduling of in-house operations and sub-operations and, if the relevant settings have been made, externally processed operations.

  • Determining capacity requirements for operations and costs for operations and sub-operations

  • The standard values of subordinate sub-operations are cumulated in the operation.

When you create an operation or sub-operation, the system checks whether you have to enter standard values. If this is required by the rules of maintenance for the work center, a message is displayed.

Note Note

If you replace the workcenter for the operation or sub-operation with a new work center, the standard value key of the new work center is then valid. Standard values that you have already entered are not deleted, but could take on a new meaning. Therefore you should check all the standard values after replacing a work center.

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