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The interoperation time is the time between leaving one work center and beginning the operation at the next work center. It consists of the move time and the queue time before processing starts.

Enter the following data:

  • Work center location group

Work centers that are in the same vicinity can be brought together in a location group. The planned values for move time between location groups are entered in a move time matrix .

The move time matrix is created in Customizing for Work centers by choosing   General data   Define move time matrix.  

  • Standard queue time

Queue time that a workpiece normally waits before it is processed in the work center.

  • Minimum queue time

Queue time that has to expire before work can continue on a workpiece. The minimum queue time replaces the standard queue time if the queue time is to be reduced for scheduling.

Note Note

Work center queue times are only taken into consideration, if no queue times have been entered in the operation.

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