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Order comparison enables you to make detailed statements about the effects of changes, without having to execute a change process in OCM.

The result of the comparison is represented in the form of a Change Step Overview and in the form of comparison statistics.


Comparison objects that you can use are:

  • Existing production orders

You can use any operational production orders for comparison

  • Temporarily created production orders

When you enter a (changed) sales order or a material as a comparison object, a production order is temporarily created. Master data (BOMs, routings) are exploded for this process. You can enter parameters for creating the production order, by specifying the explosion date for the master data, plant, order type and base quantity.

When you use the sales order as a comparison object, the material and all the relevant data for the explosion (for example, characteristic value assignment, serial number) are used from the sales order item that you have specified.

Order comparison determines the change steps that would change the first object into the second object.

The material in the comparison objects must match. The quantities, however, can differ.


To execute order comparison, choose   Logistics   Production   Shop floor control   Control   Order change management   Order comparison   .