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 Procedure: Select Transaction Data Locate this document in the navigation structure

  1. Choose the menu options   Logistics   Central functions   SCP Interfaces  

  2.   SCP Interfaces   POI   Send   Transaction   Data.   You access the screen, Select Transaction Data for Transfer .

  3. Enter the optimization system in the appropriate field.

  4.  ( )

    Before you can enter an optimization system, you must first create the corresponding logical system in Customizing. To do this, choose ALE Settings for POI in the SCPI Implementation Guide . Make the appropriate settings in the section Basic Configuration .

    For more detailed information, refer to the Implementation Guide for ALE .

  5. In the section Selection parameters , enter the entry type and the start and finish dates. These entries are valid for the selection of planned orders, production/ process orders, current stock/requirements lists, run schedule headers, and production campaigns.

  6. To transfer data from master production scheduling, enter the planning scenario as well.

  7. In the section Global selection parameters , enter the parameters you want to use for selecting planned orders, production/process orders, run schedule headers, current stock/requirements lists, warehouse stock, or production campaigns.

  8. The selection occurs by material and/or routing.

  9. In the appropriate sections, select the planned orders, production/process orders, run schedule headers and current stock/requirements lists for the data transfer. Choose the option ( object ) for general selection , if you want to use the criteria specified in the section General selection parameters . Choose the option Planned orders for, Production orders for/(Process orders for), Current stock/reqmts list for or Run sched. hdrs for , if you do not want to use the parameters in the section General selection parameters .

  10. If you choose global selection or enter your own selection in the section Selection Parameters for Warehouse Stock, the following field is mandatory: Storage Location. If you are using selection parameters, the field: Plant is mandatory.To include all storage locations, enter an asterisk (*) in the Storage Location field. Other parameter selection data is optional.

  11. If you are using Selection parameters for production campaign, you must make an entry in one of these fields: production campaign or plant .