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Organizational Level

Your system administrator defines centrally in Customizing for Enterprise Structure (in Define Valuation Level ) whether the accounting data for a material is managed at company code level or plant level. When you create accounting data, you must therefore enter either a company code or a plant.

Valuation Type

You can also specify a valuation type for the material in the Organizational Levels dialog box. By assigning a material to several valuation types, you can manage different stocks separately and therefore valuate them differently.

Note Note

This field only appears if you have already defined split valuation for the material by entering a valuation category on the Accounting screen. If you want to valuate stocks separately, first read Inventory Valuation .

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Besides other accounting data, you normally enter data relevant to valuation in the current period here. However, this data is also used on the Costing screen, where it cannot be changed. If it is created on the Costing screen, it is proposed on the Accounting screen, where it can be changed.

To enter accounting data as the base values for valuation in the previous period or in the previous year, choose Previous period/year and enter the corresponding data in the dialog box.

To display the standard cost estimate for the material, choose Std cost estimate . The system bases the standard cost estimate on the bill of material (BOM) and routing for the material. To copy the results to the material master record, you must first flag the standard cost estimate and then release it.

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