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If a bill of material exists for the material to be produced, the BOM items contained in the bill of material are automatically copied to the production order as components. The following information is also copied for each BOM item:

  • ItemCat : The item category determines, amongst other things, how the component is dealt with in the order:

  • Category "L": Stock item

When you open an order, the system creates a reservation.

  • Category "R": Variable-size item

This item category is a stock item, for which variable-size data is also maintained.

  • Category "N": Non-stock item

When you open an order, the system creates a purchase requisition.

  • Category "T": Text item

This item category has no reference to a material. The item only contains text.

  • Category "D": Document item

You use this item category to account for different types of documents (for instance technical drawings, graphics, photos).

  • Category "I": PM structure element

This item category designates an item that is used to describe the structural design of a piece of equipment (PM assembly). It is only relevant for maintenance BOMs.

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BOM items with categories "D" or "I" are not copied to production orders.

  • CostingRelevncy : This indicator determines whether the component is costed.

  • Bulk material : If a material is a bulk material, it is not withdrawn specially for the order, rather it is staged to the work center. A bulk material item is only for information. It is not relevant for MRP or costing.

  • Op.LdTimeOffset : With the follow-up time you specify whether a component has to be available before (negative value) or after (positive value) the start date of an operation.