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Delete over Entire Period

If you delete over an entire period, all routings meeting your selection criteria (for example, material and status) are deleted.

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You can also enter existing deletion flags as a selection criterion. If you do not explicitly specify deletion flags as a criterion, the system deletes routings regardless of whether they have deletion flags.

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Delete for Key Date

If you delete for a key date, all change statuses ending before this key date are deleted. Whether routings or routing objects have deletion flags or you have previously deleted them online is not important for the periods before the key date.

In addition, the system checks change statuses on or after the key date. In this case, whether you have already deleted these change statuses online is an important factor. The system deletes these change statuses from the database although they are on or after the key date. No gaps in time can occur: If a change status does not have an online deletion flag, the subsequent change statuses are not deleted from the database, even if they already have an online deletion flag.

Deleting for a key date is especially useful when you no longer need accumulated historical data.

Deletion Flag and Online Deletion Indicator

Note that you can remove a deletion flag at any time.

In contrast, you can no longer remove online deletion indicators that have been set. The system sets this indicator internally if you delete a routing object online (directly) during processing. You can no longer process the object after this point. However, the object is still physically present in the database until you start the deletion program.