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The work center data is thematically arranged in various screens or screen groups. Which screens and data you can edit are determined by the work center category that you define when you create a work center.

When you create a work center you are lead through various screens, the sequence depends on the work center category. You navigate with Next screen and Previous screen or, if you do not want to enter required data , skip.

If you have stopped entering data for a work center, saved and exited, you can see which data is missing by checking the work center . The system then leads you to the screens you still need to edit.

When you are changing or displaying a work center, you can use Skip to navigate from one screen to another.

You can use a reference to create or change a work center. For more information, see Creating and Changing Work Centers by Copying


  1. Choose   Logistics   Production   Master data   Work centers   from the SAP menu.

    The Work centers area menu is displayed.

  2. Choose   Work center   Create, Changeor Display   .

  3. Enter the plant where the work center is located and a key which identifies the work center.

  4. If you are creating a work center, you now have to enter the work center category. Choose Enter and enter a short description of the work center on the next screen.

    Caution Caution

    If you change data of a work center that is assigned to an operation, only those default values for which a reference indicator has been set, are changed in the operation. The data in the operation is brought up-to-date the next time the task list is called up.

    End of the caution.