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 Reversing Manual Actual Postings Locate this document in the navigation structure

  1. On the upper screen area, enter the number of the document that you want to reverse.

  2. You can locate the document number by choosing input help for the document date or by searching per document date, period or fiscal year.

  3. Choose Enter .

  4. The system automatically adds the document date and the posting date of the original document.

  5. If you wish, you can display further information relating to the original document such as the user or the exchange rate type.

  6. To do so, choose the tab strip Additional information in the upper screen area.

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    If you wish, you can display or hide particular screen areas. To do so, use the icon Compress data areas on the left edge of the relevant screen area.

  7. To display the reversal document, choose List entry or Individual entry .

    1. If you choose List entry , the system displays all posting rows for the selected reversal document in a list.

    2. If you choose List entry , the system displays all posting rows for the reversal document on the Individual entry screen.

    Below the individual entry screen, the system displays a list to which you can transfer every line item.

    To navigate between these line items, select the line item that you want to move up to/down to. The system displays the data on the selected line item on the individual entry screen.

  8. To reverse the document, choose Post .