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In the Planning details section of the header screen you determine how capacity data is used in the work center for capacity planning:

  • Relevant to finite scheduling indicator

You set this indicator to determine that the availability and load of the capacity are taken into consideration during finite scheduling.

  • Can be used by several operations indicator

You use this indicator to stipulate that this capacity can be used be several operations. If an operation already uses part of the available capacity, other operations can only use the remaining capacity if this indicator has been set.

If you set this indicator you can, for example, plan at the machine group level.

  • Long-term planning indicator

If you set this indicator, the capacity is taken into account during the determination of capacities and requirements during long-term planning. The basis for doing this is a planned production program.

  • Overload

You use this field to determine by how many percent the load on a capacity is allowed to exceed the available capacity (for instance, whether you allow working in breaks).