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You can select routings for archiving according to the following criteria:

  • plant

  • material

You can select routings for several materials within one plant.

  • task list type, group and group counter

  • status

  • usage

  • group

  • last time task list was called

  • deletion flag

If you enter the deletion flag as a criterion for the archiving run with a delete program, you can only choose option Delete over entire period .

Customer-Specific Selection Criteria

If the selection criteria from the standard program is not sufficient to your requirements or if you want to include other criteria, you can define your own selection criteria in the program.

Proceed as follows to define your own selection criteria:

  1. Define your own archiving object. Copy from archiving object PP_PLAN.

  2. Write your own selection program. Copy from program RCPREWR1. Change only the two includes RCPPPSEL for Selection parameters and RCPPPF01 for Selections .