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 Updating the Material Master Record Automatically Locate this document in the navigation structure


  1. From the routing menu, select the menu options   Extras   Material master   Schedule material master.  

  2. Enter the selection data for the materials, whose master records you want to update automatically.

  3. You do not necessarily have to enter a material on this screen. For example, you can select all materials for one planer group or in one plant.

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    Note that the material cannot have the material type KMAT. The procurement type cannot be external procurement . The procurement type is on the MRP 2 tab page of the material master.

  4. Set the Update material master directly indicator.

  5. If you want to update the assembly scrap, set the Update with assembly scrap indicator.

  6. Choose Enter .

The system schedules the routings and updates the master records of the selected materials. It produces a results list with the scheduling results.