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You need to download data to the subsystem to carry out checks in the subsystem. Downloading is not necessary for PDC data transfer. The following checks can be carried out at the subsystem level:

  • Existence checks for operations

  • Quantity checks


Operations that are to be transferred to the subsystem must be suitable for PDC. This means that,

  • The PDC active indicator has to be set in the order-dependent parameters (for each order type, plant).

  • The work center of the operation has to be assigned to a subsystem via Subsystem Grouping ( Basic Data tab , Subsystem pushbutton). You carry out this assignment in work center maintenance.


In the initial download , the operations from the production orders that meet the corresponding conditions, are downloaded from the SAP system to the subsystem.

In the master data download the master data is downloaded to the subsystem, so that extensive checks can be carried out there. You can download the following data:

  • Work centers

  • Variations

  • Units of measure

  • Material-dependent units of measure

In the delta download all the operations that have been created since the last initial download are transferred to the subsystem.

Scheduling Background Jobs

You have to schedule the following programs for a download:



Menu Path

Initial download


  Logistics   Production   Shop floor control   Confirmation   Subsystem   Download   Initial download.  

Master data download


  Logistics   Production   Shop Floor Control   Confirmation   Subsystem   Download   Master Data Download  

Delta download


  Logistics   Production   Shop floor control   Confirmation   Subsystem   Download   Delta download.  

You schedule the jobs in Customizing by choosing Cross-Application Components -> Plant Data Collection -> Production orders (PP, communication channel 2) -> Schedule background jobs for PDC .