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This section describes how to display the scheduling settings and the scheduling results.


Call Settings

  1. Call up a production order.

  2. Choose   Order   Settings   Scheduling.  

Scheduling Results

You have different ways of displaying the scheduling results on the screen.

Scheduling Log

For every scheduling run, the system creates a scheduling log in the production order. The log records all information that is important for scheduling. If, for example, data relevant to scheduling is not maintained in a work center or an operation, the scheduling run is not interrupted. Instead, the information is gathered in the form of messages in the scheduling log.

The scheduling log is used to:

  • Collect messages issued by the system during the scheduling run

  • Sort and group together the system messages according to certain criteria.

Note Note

In Customizing, you can define control parameters that specify whether the scheduling log is automatically displayed after each scheduling run, or whether it has to be called up via the menu.

End of the note.
  1. Choose   Goto   Logs   Scheduling  

  2. An overview of the messages collected is displayed.

  3. Choose  ( ) .

A message list is displayed for all errors that occurred during scheduling.

Date Overview for the Order

Via the header screen Date/quantity overview, you can display the release, start and finish dates of the production orders as well as of the planned order, if a conversion has taken place.

  1. Call up a production order.

  2. Choose the tab page Dates/quantities.

Operation Dates

On the operation overview screen, select the operation for which you want to see the dates.

  1. Choose  ( ) .

  2. Choose the tab page Dates.