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Goods movements can be created with a confirmation:

  • Backflush

If you confirm an order / operation with components that have the Backflushing indicator set, the system automatically posts a goods issue for these components. For more information about the Backflushing indicator, refer to the end of this section.

  • Automatic Goods Receipt

If the control key of the operation being confirmed specifies automatic goods receipt, the system automatically posts the produced material to stock. Automatic goods receipt can also be activated by the production scheduling profile. For more information refer to Automatic Goods Receipt .

Note Note

You cannot post an automatic goods receipt for co-products.

 ( )

Automatic goods movements are not permitted for materials that require serial numbers. However, if an automatic goods movement is specified for a material that requires a serial number then an error record is written. This error record can be displayed using the reprocessing function but it cannot be posted. Error records for materials that require serial numbers must be deleted manually. The goods movement must then be executed manually in inventory management.

End of the note.

Goods Movement Overview

You can branch from the confirmation to the Goods Movement Overview of the planned goods movements. In Customizing for Confirmations ( All components indicator) you determine whether all material components are listed or just those for which automatic goods movements should occur. You can change the goods movements on the material overview.

Incorrect Goods Movement

If errors arose for whatever reason during a goods movement (for example, during backflushing insufficient stock is available in the warehouse) then you can either process the incorrect goods movements directly in the confirmation transaction or separately using a reprocessing function.

  • Correction in the confirmation

In Customizing for Confirmations ( Goods movements indicator in the Error handling/logs area) you can define that, for individual entry of confirmations, the system displays an error log before it saves a confirmation with incorrect goods movements. Before you save the confirmation you have the option of correcting the incorrect goods movements.

  • Correction when reprocessing

If you want to process incorrect goods movements at a later stage, you can use the reprocessing function. For more information, see Reprocessing Goods Movements .

Goods Movements in the Background

Using Decoupling Confirmation Processes in Customizing for Confirmation Processes, you can define that goods movements are to be stored temporarily, rather than being carried out immediately during confirmation. You can post the goods movements being temporarily stored, by scheduling program CORUPROC in a background job. To schedule the background job in Customizing for Shop Floor Control choose   Operations   Schedule background job.  

Backflushing Indicator

You can control backflushing in the following objects:

  • Material master

With the Backflushing key (MRP) you can specify that

  • The material is not generally backflushed

  • The material is always backflushed

  • The work center determines whether the material is backflushed

  • Work center

You can set the Backflushing indicator on the Basic data screen. This is only taken into account, if the material master stipulates that the work center should determine whether the material is backflushed. Work centers are assigned to a production order via the operations. The operations are copied from the routing used.

  • Routing

You can stipulate that the material is to be backflushed, on the component overview in the routing. This indicator is always taken into account, irrespective of the indicators in the material master or work center.

If the Backflushing indicator has been maintained in the master data, it is copied from there when you create a production order. You can change the indicator in the production order, as you like.

In Customizing for Shop Floor Control, you define that Stock Determination   for backflushing is to take place by choosing   Operations   Stock and Batch Determination for Goods Movement.